Chering: The Tea Spot Celebrity Spotting

So my blog today is a little off the topic of tea, but I’m pretty excited to share with you all. I recently put my Boulder life on pause and took a little trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I did not find any loose leaf tea at a convenient time or place without reservations (Sin City, please work on this!), but what I did find was the absolute diva-superstar Cher.

I’ll admit, without the help of my good friends and their ties, seeing Cher in the 10th row and meeting her after would not have been possible. But since I was a very lucky lady and able to have this opportunity, I’ll dish!

In addition to having this Cher-iffic opportunity, we met Rosario Dawson backstage! I am a huge fan of Rent, so I was completely stoked and star-struck. She was with her lovely mother and they were both so sweet. Yes that’s right, I had a 10 minute conversation with the beautiful and talented Rosario Dawson! She was gorgeous and gracious and just as excited to meet Cher as we were.

Then there was Cher. I’ll admit it was quick, but amazing! My friends and I were introduced, told her she was fantastic and posed for a picture. Thanks to digital photography… I can share that moment with you.


Cher and Friends

Taaadaaaaaaaa! I’m the short one on the right, (yes, I’m paler than my Arizona/Cali friends. Colorado is colder, thus, less sun exposure! ;) )

So, the point of this blog was not so much about tea, though I would like to see a little more loose leaf in Las Vegas. I’m sure Maria or Bo could come up with an elixir for Vegas’ tea drinkers!

Anyway, Chering is caring… Cheers!

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