Crea-TEA-ing Your Dream Wedding

As a bride myself preparing to get married in the fall, I am a sponge for all of the ideas that surface around me lately. I will be the first to admit that I can take all of the help I can get when it comes to being unique, and still staying true to myself when deciding on the details of our wedding. In the planning process, it can be hard to know what you actually want, while still being inclusive and mindful of your guests attending… Being that I am a Libra, I can literally drive myself crazy making decisions that are a perfect balance between the two. As a result, I turn to my friends and family for advice. I am fortunate enough to have a network of extremely creative and passionate people to turn to, like my friend Addison Jones. Addison and I first met as roommates assigned to the same apartment during my semester in limbo before studying abroad. Little did I know that she would be one of the most inspiring, artistic, and innovative ladies I would come across. Now, many years later, Addison and I have reconnected over not only our love of tea, but our relationship to the wedding season… Addison is an incredibly talented artist of many trades, but when it comes to photography, she takes it to a new level. She invents every detail gracefully, and is able to capture a story in her images. It felt only natural to reach out to Addison with an idea I had to incorporate full leaf teas into the wedding setting. What she did with the teas, will amaze you, as it did me!

Colorful Array of Tea Spot Teas

A colorful array of Tea Spot teas.

Addison created a tea bar like I’ve never seen not only brewing up, but displaying five of our most visually stimulating teas – Boulder Blues, Lady Lavender, Blood Orange Smoothie, Rosebuds and Petals, and Strawberry Fields.

Irresistible iced teas

Irresistible iced teas.

While a tea bar may not be new to the wedding scene, I imagine tea-infused popsicles are harder to come across.

Popsicles infused with Rosebuds and Petals tea

Popsicles infused with Rosebuds and Petals tea.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Addison adds subtle, and show-stopping detail.

The Tea Spot Tea place setting

The Tea Spot tea place setting.

 I would have never thought of using loose leaf teas as a part of my place settings, but after seeing this, it truly is the most delicate and perfect final touch.

Needless to say, Addison has inspired me to use tea in more ways than I could have imagined myself, and I can’t wait to see what I will come up with for my own wedding.



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