The Taste of Summertime… Iced Iced Baby!

The summer heat is starting to pick up here in Boulder, Colorado. And while all loose leaf teas can technically be served iced, some are better at it than others. It’s those thirst-quenching, mouth-watering, summertime wonders that are my current obsession in this hot and sticky weather. So I took a poll around the office to see which iced teas were trending in-house with our avid tea guzzlers. Here’s what I found:

Favorite Iced Teas

Grasshopper Green – I find this blend of roasted green tea and peppermint to be the most thirst-quenching, refreshing and subtly energizing of all our teas. It’s what I take on any long-distance hike or ride. Plus, it’s nice to know I’m refueling with one of our teas that’s highest in antioxidants. And it cold brews and re-steeps like a champ!” – Maria Uspenski, CEO / Founder & Global Jet-Setter

“I’d have to say Boulder Blues. What makes this tea my favorite is the fragrant aroma of crisp rhubarb and lingering strawberry complimented by its golden hue. It awakens all the senses and quenches any summer thirst.” – Hope Larsen, Graphic Designer & Gardening Guru

“A staple at my house is Mango Tango. The blend of mango, passion fruit and black tea are all flavors I love in the summer and make a perfect glass of iced tea. Pro Tip… Add ripe peach slices to your pitcher of Mango Tango, let it infuse for a couple hours, and serve… Perfection!” – Jackie Hetzel, Customer Service Extraordinaire & Knitter of Jen the Cat’s Bow Ties

“An iced tea I could absolutely not go without is Red Rocks! Not only is it subtly sweet, and undeniably refreshing, I love that it is caffeine-free, because I crave iced tea on these hot summer nights.” – Mary Kloberdanz, Sales Manager & Mountain Bike Rockstar

As for myself, it depends… When I’m in the mood for a traditional black, I go for Blue Mountain Nilgiri. It has a bold body, balanced tannins, and blackberry notes that really hit the spot. But for green iced tea, it’s all about Jasmine Petals. It’s beyond refreshing, lightly floral, and strong enough in the body to give me a good energy boost!

So the crazy part of this, like twilight zone type of crazy, is that all six of these teas mentioned above just so happen to be found in our Iced Tea Sampler. Completely unplanned. Mind blown. Like whoa.

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