Fun With Blending

I’m a Lapsang Souchong freak, and as some of you may know, Maria and I have recently been at ends over what to do with our little monster (the Lapsang Souchong infused vodka). I tried my darndest to turn it into a solid cocktail, but was upstaged by Maria’s fabulous Lapsang vodka + molasses ice cream syrup. Now, I’ve come across this fabulous article by The Kitchn about a Russian Caravan cocktail. I haven’t attempted the cocktail yet, because I’ve been having fun home blending my Russian Caravan tea. By most standards, Russian Caravan is a tea of 2 parts oolong, 1 part Chinese black (typically Keemun), 1 part Lapsang Souchong.

Fun with Blending

It’s a beautiful, complex, firey blend. When I began blending this tea, I wanted to create something that paid tribute to the darkness of these ingredients, their intensity, their individual boldness. I started with our Organic Lapsang Souchong, and paired it with our new Organic Dark Roast Oolong.  Now I had two organics, I needed a Chinese black tea to fit the bill. I could have gone with Keemun, but it was too sweet for this wicked brew. I needed something dark and dirty–our Organic Pu’erh was perfect. My first cup was great. My second was better.

I’m still working a little with the ratio, but that’s the real fun involved. Conceptualizing and building a blend of your own is an experience that not only allows one to honor their teas, but to honor themselves, the knowledge they’ve gained and the excitement they harbor to encounter new teas. I highly suggest taking some teas or herbs and trying out your own combination at home, giving it a silly or proud or sweet name, and drinking down your satisfaction. Just remember, if you’re working with Blacks and Oolongs, you’d better quit sipping well before bedtime!

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  • Hi Rachel! What an interesting combo! We’re glad to hear you’ve found your favorite blend with Lapsang Souchong and Coconut Cabana! :)

    The Tea Spot on
  • I used to get a Russian Caravan from Mountanos Bros. that had a touch of vanilla; it was TERRIFIC! Recently tried it again and it was TERRIBLE! a whole kilo stack, you’d think opening the bag would hit me in the nose with smoke; but not a whiff! more medicinal, chemical. Now I’m using your Lapsang and mixing it with Coco Cabana. Just enough sweet to balance the smoke. Not molasses or icecream, but similar sensibility. Loving it!

    probusybody on

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