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iMore - Best Portable Tea Tumblers in 2020

By Karen S Freeman for iMore 

There are many different kinds of portable tea tumblers, and which one you choose will depend on your needs. Some tea tumblers have built-in infusers, so you can brew loose-leaf tea on the go. Some are double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and insulated to keep your hot tea hot or cold tea cold. You'll have your choice of materials and lid styles as well. Here are some of the best portable tea tumblers you can buy. 

best portable tea tumbler

For The Adventurer:

The Tea Spot Everest Tea Tumbler

Stainless and leakproof, this double-walled insulated 22-ounce tumbler keeps your hot tea hot for up to six hours and your iced tea cold for 12 hours. Brew tea or make spa water on the go with the generously sized ultra-fine mesh infuser. Choose from a handful of colors. 


Which should you choose?

The Tea Spot Everest Tea Tumbler is tea-specific, well, it has an infuser so you can brew tea or make fruit-infused water on the go. Of course, you can leave the infuser out and use it for anything. A handle on the lid means you can clip it to your bag with a carabiner clip and bring it with you anywhere. Your hot tea will stay that way, and your iced tea will stay icy all day.

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