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Loose Leaf Tea with Flowering Jasmine Petals

Traditionally fragranced jasmine tea is the oldest of scented teas, made according to traditions dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1628), at the same time the processes for making green tea were developed.

Green tea is never allowed to wither and ferment. The leaf is killed by heat as soon as possible. Oxidation is arrested in green tea processing by one of two ways: steaming or firing in large pans or baskets over open flames, until all dampness is removed from the tea leaves. In this process, green tea leaves picked in the morning can be ready to be brewed in a pot that same night. The quick processing and bypass of fermentation allows green tea to retain most of its natural dark green color, tannins, Vitamin C, chlorophyll and minerals. The taste of green tea is therefore more astringent and subtle than that of oolong tea or black tea. The lack of fermentation is also responsible for the very low caffeine content of green tea (only 1%).
Traditional jasmine tea is a fragranced green tea made by laying the jasmine flowers between layers of tea leaves. As they are dried together, the loose tea leaves absorb the flavor of the flowers.
Our organic Jasmine Petals loose green tea has the smooth fragrance of a garden in bloom, with a liquor that is lightly sweet and very smooth. We’ve come to especially enjoy this tea over ice, and are happy to see it served at our local organic espresso and tea bar — Tod’s serves Jasmine Petals iced straight up, and it’s refreshing and delicious. We also love our summer cooler version, which we make by mixing 4 cups of chilled Jasmine Petals (one iced tea pitcher full) with 2 cups limeade. Chill out and enjoy :)

jasmine flowers
jasmine flowers

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