Yellow Scene Magazine visits Tee & Cakes, The Unseen Bean

Hey, Boulderites! Two of our favorite coffee+tea spots around town recently got a visit from Yellow Scene Magazine and Boulder’s Local Table Tours. No word on whether or not anybody tried out a cup of Tea Spot tea, but I’m not afraid to report that the coffee at both Tee & Cakes and The Unseen Bean is phenomenal. So if you’re a tea drinker in a circle of coffee nuts (as most of us tea drinkers seem to be), these are places that are sure to satisfy both of your palettes. Check out what Yellow Scene has to say about these spots here, then go grab a cup of Organic Dark Roast Oolong at The Unseen Bean, or try out slightly sweet cup of Boulder Blues at Tee & Cakes while your friends chug-a-lug their lattes!

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