Smokin' Hot Love Potion in Time for Valentine's Day

In today’s mixology scene, agave cocktails are experiencing their golden age. Mezcal, which literally means anything distilled from the agave plant, knows how to grab your attention. Sweet at the base, with notes of honey and wood, edgy and smoky, with a slow burn aftertaste, it’s like a journey into the unknown — a lot like love. Some bartenders even contend that Mezcal is turning into the next single malt scotch. One main difference is: Mezcal mixes well.

valentine's tea cocktail recipe

There’s no botanical infusion that screams “heart” as loudly as ruby red hibiscus. Renowned for centuries as support in managing hypertension and as a rich natural source of anthocyanin antioxidants and Vitamin C. You’ll love it not only for its benefits but for its mouthwatering tart flavor, reminiscent of fresh cranberries. We feature hibiscus in a pure, organic petals format, as well as in some of our favorite caffeine-free hibiscus blends (see below). At The Tea Spot, we just adore this exotic floral and think it’s a match made in heaven when mixed in this cocktail recipe with Mezcal.

Smokin' Hot Love Potion


Make hibiscus tea simple syrup by bringing water and agave syrup to boiling in a small saucepan. Stir until syrup is well dissolved, then add the hibiscus tea of your choice. Cover and remove from heat. Let steep 8 minutes. Strain & chill. (Note: You can make the hibiscus tea simple syrup in advance. It will stay fresh in the fridge for a week, so when you’re ready to mix up your cocktails, you won’t have to wait for the syrup to cool down.)

Add 2 oz cooled hibiscus tea simple syrup, 6 oz mezcal and juice of half lemon or lime to a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake to mix. Split between two cocktail glasses and serve. For a long cocktail, you may pour into a tall glass and add sparkling water. Yields 2 cocktails.

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