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Redefine Cleansing in the New Year With These 3 Daily Tea Rituals

detox tea
The New Year is here and across the world the tradition of setting new goals has begun. In the U.S. the holiday season starts with decadent Thanksgiving dinners with ample food to go around for everyone, including the family pet. Leftovers are cherished and reinvented into new dishes as spice-infused sweets are placed in the ovens to bake for the weeks of celebrations to come. November disappears into December so quickly with weekly holiday parties that by the time New Year rolls around, we can barely handle another cookie, and our plans for diving deep into a strict detox or cleanse begin.

Yet when was the last time your New Year’s restriction diet actually lasted? Whether you chose to restrict food, alcohol, sweets, or fun, more often than not your resolutions peter out by the start of February and you’re left feeling frustrated with yourself and out of sync. This feeling is so common among those who set New Year’s resolutions because expectations are set incredibly high. If you don’t follow though perfectly with your own self-created demands, then how could you accomplish anything?

Well, if this sounds familiar to you then don’t fret! Our bodies are already pre-programmed with a state-of-the-art detoxifying system which includes the kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal system, and skin. These systems are constantly working to eliminate any potential accumulation of toxins, including those from heavy-laden holiday meals and celebratory cocktails, so all you need to do is just support what’s already in place.

We at The Tea Spot believe in holistic wellness approaches and, having experienced some of these frustrations ourselves, have paired a few of our favorite daily rituals with a selection of naturally cleansing teas that will aid your body’s intrinsic detoxification system without the added stress of unnecessary restrictions.



breakfast tea

First and foremost, if you are looking to initiate a New Year’s plan, start off by asking yourself why. Maybe it’s simply because you knowingly had too many processed sweets and salty food. Or perhaps you are looking to restructure your dietary intake or daily routine all together. Writing down your thoughts, feeling and emotions can not only be cathartic but bring a deeper level of clarification to your goals. Plan out the time frame that you want to stick to and include daily morning or evening journal check-ins where you can jot down how you’re feeling, what actions you’ve taken to get closer to your goals, and most importantly remember to include what you’re grateful for.

Try it out: Pair our organic Conscious Cleanse Tea set with a two week journaling ritual reset. Give yourself the gift of rediscovery and exploration within yourself both through mental clarity and delicious herbal tea rejuvenation.



tea meditation


Consider starting off the New Year with an intention-based practice that can vary anywhere between 2-20 minutes a day. Meditation has been proven to help with resetting the central nervous system and turning on the switch from your sympathetic “fight or flight” response to the parasympathetic nervous system which is in charge of your rest and recovery. Meditation can be as simple as taking a few deep breath cycles to introducing a mantra, music, or guided recordings to help with focus and relaxation. The most important factor to remember is that- there is no wrong way to meditate. The simple act of bringing more awareness into your day can help you not only stay focused on your New Year’s goals but bring a more mindful approach to every aspect of your being.

Try it out: Pair our fan-favorite organic Turmeric Tonic herbal chai tea with a 5 minute moment of quiet breath work. You can incorporate the meditation process into the ritual of tea steeping (as we’ve done with our insulated Cast Iron Teapot) or you can set aside a quiet space to just be with your cup of tea. Notice if your breathing is shallow and start from there by expanding your breath and allowing your exhales to extend past your inhales. Gift yourself this sacred time away from all distractions and duties to truly allow yourself a break and notice the changes that happen within you.



Colorado tea company

Here in the beautiful sunny state of Colorado, we have been blessed with practically 300 days of sunshine a year which is one the main reasons why you can always find an activity to do outside. Whether it is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or anything else in between, being among the mountains and greenery is second-nature here. And whether or not you may be located near the mountains or the forest, chances are that you have a park, open space, or trail that you can venture on to heal yourself. Numerous studies have shown that just being around trees in a forest setting reduces blood pressure as well as cortisol and adrenaline levels — which correlates with reduced stress, a boost in the immune system, and an elevated mood.

Try it out: Plan your next outdoor excursion with a hot or cold brew of our zesty, energizing, organic Keep Fit tea steeped in any one of our Travel Tea Tumblers. Sip on this delicious green tea matcha blend as you stroll through your local park or venture on an unknown trail delighting in the newness of the experience. Feel the cool air brush against you cheeks, breathe in the delicate scents of the flora around you, and reinvigorate your senses!

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!

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