Simply Irresistible : Three black teas that are so good it’s hard to choose which one to have as my first tea of the morning!

Black TeaSome of you may sing in the shower (it’s ok to admit it, I catch myself singing in the shower, not very well mind you, every once in a while), but this morning I caught myself singing in front of my tea options. “Simply Irresistible!”

Why was I singing this song? Because every morning I encounter the same conundrum ” Which amazing tea will I have this morning?” Being that I work in at a tea company I get the pleasure of deciding which teas out of a multitude of options to have throughout the day, but it also makes the decision that much more difficult. To the outside observer it might look like I am standing in the kitchen just staring at the teas, but inside I’m having an internal battle choosing between three different teas: Bolder Breakfast Blend, Earl of Grey and New Moon Darjeeling.

I’ll give you a little insight as to why I have such a hard time choosing, and you can decide for yourself which one you would prefer.

Bolder Breakfast Blend has opened a new world of breakfast blends for me. It is smooth and rich and the best part is it has a hint of a chocolate undertone. Now for all of those out there like myself who always prefer a Mocha to any other coffee drink, then you’ll understand why I not only prefer this tea to coffee (containing 0 calories over the average mocha containing at least 200 calories) but why I have a hard time not choosing a tea with a slight chocolate flavoring. It is a nice and bold blend and because it contains Pu’erh a highly coveted slightly smoky black tea, it gives me enough of a kick to get me started in the morning.

Earl of Grey on the other hand, has me by my heart strings. I grew up really disliking Earl Grey, but ours is so incredibly smooth, flavorful, and not bitter, that I have now grown to adore it. I feel like I’m in a Folgers Commercial when I open the tin of Earl of Grey…one big sniff and I’m hooked. I have smelled and tasted many an Earl Grey in my day and most of them smell stale, taste bitter, and have an odd unnatural aroma. Our is incredible. While you can pick out the bergamot smell that all Earl Grey tea has, the additional combined flavors of licorice root, citrus and vanilla make this tea an all day addiction. Add a little sweetener and/or milk…to die for. Where’s my biscotti?

And then there’s New Moon Darjeeling that makes me feel like a queen. Before this job I had never tasted Darjeeling (at least, not that I know of) and it wasn’t till our new organic Darjeeling was launched that I cared to try some. Darjeeling is called the Champagne of teas because like Champagne, it is only produced in the Darjeeling region and the tea growing and processing is unique to that tea. Darjeeling is less fermented than most black teas, so has slightly less caffeine, but it still retains has that creamy and smooth black tea flavoring that I desire in the morning. Darjeeling makes me feel like a queen because while it is a tea that is at anyone’s disposal, I feel like a prize has been given to just me when I make a cup of it.

I think you can see why my decision is a difficult one…

So what did I pick this morning you ask?

This morning I chose Bolder Breakfast Blend and it was PERFECT.

Tomorrow morning…who knows!? Will I be in a rich and chocolate mood? A vibrant and smooth mood? or do I want to be queen of the morning? Decisions, decisions.

But they’re all…”Simply Irresistible”
(don’t blame me if this song gets stuck in your head)

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