Strawbery Fields Summer Smoothie

On these hot August days make your kids a naturally sweet and cooling treat!

Strawberry Fields Summer Smoothie

8 oz. – Strawberry Fields tea (pre-brewed and chilled)
4 oz. – Frozen pineapple
4 oz. – Frozen banana
1 – Tbsp. yogurt *optional

1) Brew and chill Strawberry Fields tea a head of time
a. Scoop 1 tsp. of Strawberry Fields into a paper filter or infuser
b. Add 212° boiling water
c. Steep for 3-5 minutes
d. Remove tea leaves and store in the refrigerator until cool
2) Pour 8 oz. of chilled Strawberry Fields tea into the bottom of the blender
3) Add 1 Tbsp. of yogurt
4) Add 4 oz. of frozen pineapple
5) Add 4 oz. of frozen banana
6) Blend until smooth and serve!

– For a creamier smoothie reduce your tea quantity to 6 oz. and add 2 oz. milk of your choice.
– Boost the tropical taste and reduce your pineapple to 2 oz. and add 2 oz. mango.

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