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Mocktail Kit

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The Mocktail Kit is the perfect solution for swapping out alcohol without feeling like you're missing out. This kit provides a delightful array of premium loose leaf teas, expertly selected for creating tantalizing tea mocktails. Enjoy a range of flavors that offer the satisfaction and complexity of traditional cocktails, but with the healthful and calming benefits of tea. Whether you're aiming to cut back on alcohol or sugar, or simply seeking a refreshing alternative, our Mocktail Kit ensures you have drinks that are both enjoyable and fulfilling!

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Blender's Notes:

The Mocktail Kit is a celebration of flavor and health, designed for those who appreciate the art of crafting delicious drinks without alcohol. Our premium loose leaf teas are the heart of this kit, each selected for their distinct flavor profiles that are perfect for innovative mocktail recipes. Whether you're engaging in Dry January, seeking a healthier lifestyle, or simply desiring a unique, non-alcoholic beverage option, our kit provides a delightful solution. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with various tea blends, creating mocktails that are tasty and beneficial for your well-being. 

Cold brewing is a simple and effective way to enjoy these teas. For blends like Boulder Blues and Mango Tango, just place the loose leaf tea in cold water and let them steep overnight in the fridge. This gentle brewing method draws out a smooth, rich flavor without the bitterness that hot water can sometimes produce. For our herbal teas, we recommend a quick start with boiling water to release their full flavor and aroma, before topping off with cold water and allowing them to infuse. This approach ensures that every sip of your mocktail is bursting with natural, refreshing flavors.


  • 6 pouches of loose leaf tea: 15 grams each

  • Net tea wt: 3.17 oz


  • Hibiscus CucumberA vibrant and tart hibiscus tea paired with the cool freshness of cucumber.

    • Twist: Add muddled mint and a splash of sparkling water for a refreshing, effervescent drink.
  • Strawberry FieldsA sweet and fruity blend featuring the lush taste of strawberries.

    • Twist: Enhance with a dash of balsamic vinegar and top with crushed ice for a complex, gourmet mocktail.
  • Boulder BluesA full-bodied strawberry green tea that balances sweet and tart notes.

    • Twist: Mix with lemonade and garnish with blueberries for a playful, antioxidant-rich refresher.
  • Turmeric TonicA grounding blend spotlighting the earthy spice of turmeric with ginger and cinnamon.

    • Twist: Combine with ginger beer and a twist of orange for a warming and invigorating mocktail.
  • Desert Sage: An herbal infusion that captures the essence of wild sage with mint flavors.

    • Desert Sage Mocktini: Stir in honey and garnish with a sprig of sage or thyme for an aromatic experience. Then, top with tonic water and watch your mocktail change from blue to purple!
  • Mango Tango: A tropical mélange of mango and bright fruit flavors that dance on the palate.

    • Twist: Top with coconut water and a squeeze of lime for a mocktail that brings the beach to you.
  • Teaware pictured not included

  • Gift-ready box!


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Customer Reviews

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So yummy!


Are you kidding me?! The Desert Sage mocktini is one of the most beautiful drinks I've ever made, and it was so easy! Changing color from that emerald green/blue to purple was the best party trick I could've asked for for my New Years party, and people couldn't stop raving about how delicious it was. Can't wait for the rest of Dry January with this kit!

Amazing kit!

I am so grateful for this kit! All of the teas I’ve tried so far are amazing, and I’m particularly obsessed with the Turmeric tea with ginger beer. Feels spicy and complex enough to replace alcohol for me. Thank you so much, Tea Spot!