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Collection: Colorado Teas

These teas are locally made with love, inspired by our majestic Rocky Mountains and mountain culture. Whether the inspiration is our jaw dropping Red Rocks amphitheater, our Mile High City, or our mass of local mountain climbers, mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders, and yogis drinking tea on the go, you'll feel fit and motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle sipping these teas with altitude!
  • Bolder Breakfast
    Bolder Breakfast
    $3.00 - $50.00
  • Meditative Mind, Organic
    Closeup of Meditative Mind tea blend of whole leaf organic white tea, organic jasmine pearls green tea, organic rose petals.
    $3.00 - $54.00
  • Boulder Blues
    Pile of loose, whole leaf Japanese Sencha and Chinese Dragonwell green tea with blue cornflower and yellow sunflower petals.
    $3.00 - $48.00
  • Climber's High Chai
    Climber's High Chai
    $4.00 - $61.00
  • Mile High Chai
    Mile High Chai
    $4.00 - $49.75
  • Red Rocks
    Red Rocks
    $4.00 - $42.00
  • Keep Fit, Organic
    Keep Fit, Organic
    $4.00 - $60.00
  • Signature Tea Sampler
    Signature Tea Sampler
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  • Natural Glow, Organic
    Loose leaf whole leaf Natural Glow white tea with osmanthus flower petals and USDA Organic Certification logo.
    $4.00 - $45.00
  • Meditative Mind Sachets, Organic
    Pyramid sachet tea bag of whole leaf Organic Meditative Mind blend of white tea, jasmine pearls green tea, rose petals.
    $6.99 - $54.00
  • Bolder Breakfast Sachets
    Bolder Breakfast Sachets
    $11.95 - $50.00
  • Keep Fit Sachets, Organic
    Keep Fit Sachets, Organic
    $6.99 - $60.00
  • Boulder Blues Sachets
    Boulder Blues pyramid sachet tea bag with green tea, cornflower petals, sunflower petals, strawberry and rhubarb flavoring
    $11.95 - $48.00
  • Climber's High Chai Sachets
    Climber's High Chai Sachets
    $6.99 - $60.00
  • Signature Tea Collection
    Signature Tea Collection
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  • Boulder Blues Iced Tea Pouches
    Boulder Blues Iced Tea Pouches
    $3.50 - $25.95
  • Conscious Cleanse Organic Teas
    Conscious Cleanse Organic Teas
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