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Sports Bottle Cap

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This sports bottle lid is not only the replacement part for the Cold Brew Sport Bottle, it fits with a variety of our other tea tumblers to allow for a single-handed flip-top spout. It has fast water flow to help hydrate you with freshly brewed tea on the go! And folds down snug for a leak-proof lid.

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Customer Reviews

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Still tricky to clean but not leaky

I was sent a replacement lid due to my previous one being defective. The new lid works better and does not leak. I have noticed that if water gets into the threads of the bottle when replacing the lid, it will hold a lot of water and drip but its easy to dry off before recapping. The bulb of the mouthpiece in the new cap still has the little cutouts that are tricky to clean but water no longer leaks out from in the seal. I love the tumbler so much and find the cap great, even with the slight inconvenience of having to be really thorough when cleaning.


I've had this cap for a while and I just don't love it. I absolutely love the bottle but this replacement cap is unpredictably leaky and it's difficult to clean. The mouthpiece is supposed to open against a gasket to prevent leaks but it's not a tight seal. If you tilt the bottle to drink like a sports bottle, you can tell there is no suction because air is getting through the gasket like a broken straw. Additionally there are tiny grooves around the bulb of the mouthpiece which get filled with whatever you're drinking when it leaks and they're very very difficult to clean. You can remove the mouthpiece but the hinge pieces are plastic and wear down over time which makes the leaking even worse. Considering the quality of the bottle, I was really really disappointed with this cap even though I've tried for a long time to learn to love it and make it work.

Hi, Emily! Thank you for taking the time to review our Sports Bottle Cap. It sounds like you have received a defective lid. A member of our customer service team will be in touch shortly via email to see if we can help and send you a replacement.

Leaks Badly

So sad to leave a bad review but these lids are awful. They do not come with a straw so you have to tip them to drink and when you do you’ll be wearing your tea. Bought two and sadly they both leaked horribly and ended up throwing both away. Save your money and use the lids your tumbler comes with!

Hi, Lisa! Thank you for taking the time to review our Sports Bottle Cap. The lid has a no-drip, rubberized, flip-top spout - easy to open and ergonomic and does not come with a straw. You simply tilt your head back, just as you would with a cycling water bottle. We're sorry to hear that your lids were leaking. This only occurs if the infuser was not screwed in properly to the top of the cap. Otherwise, the lid is meant to be tilted back to drink out of and will not leak. A member of our customer service team will be in touch shortly via email to see if we can help.

Sip on the Go

I was struggling a bit to open the Mountain Tea Tumbler one handed for a sip while driving. This new sports bottle cap is an excellent solution. The only downside is that I occasionally hit the spout and pop it out. No worries though — it pops right back into place.

great idea!

I'm excited to learn about this idea of swapping the lids on my Steepware bottles. I tried it out this morning -- using the cold brew bottle lid on my Everest thermos and it works like a charm. Snug fit, and I feel like I can drink more of my cold brew tea with that lid -- I totally get the appeal, especially for hiking or when working out (aka times that require tea guzzling! =) hahaaaha! Innovative as always Tea Spot!