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Getting comfortable with loose leaf tea

Pu'erh Cakes

I love it when I first notice a new employee get really comfortable with loose leaf tea. Some jump right in, and start happily steeping up loose leaf tea in the break room their very first day here. Others almost noticeably avoid the break room, loose leaf teas and teaware at first, staying at their desks while the others imbibe…. But everyone who’s ever worked here can attest to the fact that they all eventually find their way over to the sunny side, and become fans of this healthful beverage.

Yesterday, I had two new reminders of how this rings true.

I met our ex-sales manager for breakfast, to catch up and also give her a silent auction Tea Spot donation for a charity she’s supporting, Colorado Youth at Risk. She said she’s watched her new company (a cycle jersey maker in Denver) start steeping our teas, and noticed the same progression.

Then, in the afternoon, our wholesale operations manager, who has more actual contact with tea than just about anyone here at The Tea Spot, had a super-dark and smoky brew going in his tea mug. What is that, I asked? “I mixed some organic Lapsang with Pu’erh bricks – it’s pretty awesome”.

Yep, he’s a guy’s guy :)

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