Our booth at EXPO or…”is that a toy”?

With our EXPO ’till you drop schedule in Anaheim, it was a bit difficult to keep up with blogging from CA… but here are some highlights from the rest of our time at Expo. Wish we had a nickel for every time our Tuffy Steepers turned heads.  Its similarity to the collapsible camping cups and silicone measuring cups had people asking why this cup had holes in it.  Quite a few folks thought it was a toy, and a few handsome customers treated it as such :-)  We enjoy having unique products to present, and to be able to make new strides with new products in support of our mission of making loose leaf tea an everyday luxury.  And it’s rewarding to get compliments on our innovation and most gratifying to have folks applaud our team’s professionalism :-))  Makes it easier to head back out of the So-Cal sunshine and into the chilly grind ~:-)

Tuffy Steeper

Personal highlights included a surprise visit from my fiance’s daughter Sadie (pictured here with me) and spending an evening with one of my best childhood friends after the show was over; an amazing dinner we were treated to by one of our main importers of the best Indian food I’ve ever had in the US – you really must make an effort to go to Tandoori Garden at 30 South Anaheim Blvd (Rob pictured here with the Saag Shrimp); our fastest and most efficient set-up/break-down (i had nothing to do with either…) and leaving EXPO with all of our product samples sold; meeting the greatest number of new customers and interested parties from press to the Miss America organization, to many discriminating independent retailers, to larger natural foods stores that we’ve ever harnessed in a single show; and for me – watching Jared, Rob and Andrea in action.  I was one really lucky person, working with a blue chip team, committed to changing the way you think about loose leaf tea  ;-o

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