Simply Marvelous! Understanding the fantastic quality of Jasmine Pearls.

Jasmine Pearls

“Simply Mahvelous Dahling” think…. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It’s what I think of when I talk about Jasmine Pearls. I’ve learned bits and pieces about this coveted high quality, incredibly expensive tea and I did some reasearch wanting to know more. I’m sure, like the processing of all teas, there are slight variations in how jasmine pearls are made, but no matter which one you look at, the process is quite remarkable. Jasmine Pearls, as opposed to Jasmine Flower Tea, which is typically a green or black tea base with Jasmine flowers added to the blend, are actually a green tea leaf which has been plucked, withered, hand rolled and then are infused by the Jasmine Flowers to create a beautifully scented green tea. If you’ve ever purchased Jasmine Pearls whether by the pot or by the ounce, you know it is a VERY expensive tea. It is obviously hand rolled and that adds to the cost, but there is much more detail than I knew about. A blog from Jing (below) aptly describes the process of how green tea pearls are thoroughly made.The blog seems to fall off when they go into how the green tea pearls are then scented, but Tao of Tea has a great description for this.The Tao of Tea describes the Jasmine infusion part of the process as “The rolled pearls are then heat infused with jasmine flowers and the process repeated several times to achieve the desired strength of aroma. High grade Jasmine Pearls undergo this process at least five times.” What The Tea Spot has done is we’ve taken Jasmine Pearls and blended them with white tea and rosebuds, making a fantastic tea called Meditative Mind which has a soft floral aroma and taste. This allows people to enjoy the taste of their Jasmine Pearls without having to pay the Jasmine Pearl price!! And quite honestly, if there was a choice of tea served in Breakfast at Tiffany’s I’m quite sure she would have chosen Jasmine Pearls to compliment her haute couture breakfast.

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