Taking Loose Leaf Tea on the Road

Tuffy Steeper
Tuffy Tea Steepers

Those of us who are tea fanatics, and/or drink tea like our lives depend on it, all have our own little tricks for getting our fix on the road. How many times have TSA guys been all over my “scissor” tea ball… (I now carry my X-ray stealthy TUFFY TEA STEEPER silicone infuser!)… And we all know that “place” in every city to rush off to between meetings (Alice’s Tea Cup on the upper West side of New York City; Teaism in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC; the Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco, to name some of my favorites).
Well, it really is easy to travel and take your loose leaf tea with you, especially if you it along in brick form.

“Tuochas”, or mini tea bricks, are about the diameter of a quarter, and maybe half a centimeter thick. They’re very easy to carry around. In ancient times, tuocha tea bricks even had holes punched through the center so that they could be tied together on a rope for easy transportation. Your can carry them either in a small tin, a zip-lock bag… or just drop one in your Tuffy Steeper, collapse it down, locking the lid in place, and you’re ready to take your tea on the road :)
Whether you prefer black or green leaf tea, as long as you enjoy a STRONG tasting tea, there’s probably a Pu’erh tuocha just for you.

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