Tea on Demand, Wherever You May Roam

Tea on Demand, wherever you may roam, with the Steep&Go Cold Brew Bottle. As user-friendly as it is eco-friendly, this 20-oz, BPA-free, reusable bottle comes with a tea filter and a sports cap.

There were four available colors (Ocean, Green Tea, Violet, Black). Living on the Atlantic coast, I opted for Ocean.

Cold Brew Tea Bottle

My bottle arrived within 48 hours. It was securely but not excessively packaged, and came with a small printed card providing clear user directions.

The first thing I noticed was that the bottle is easy to grip & squeeze.

The second thing I noticed was the simple and elegant design, consisting of just two parts: a filter connected to a sports cap & the bottle itself. Simple designs are a relief to me: I have the mechanical IQ of a sweet potato, and dislike having to think about assembling or disassembling anything.

The teas I tried with this bottle were the soothing Big Chill flavor, the juicy Boulder Blues, and the crispy Matcha Genmaicha, all available from The Tea Spot.

I took the bottle along when I went for a spin to run errands, and I didn’t have to worry about where to put the thing – it fits comfortably into my car’s cup holder. It also should fit easily into most any backpack bottle pocket.

Within less than a week, the bottle pays for itself. You don’t need Starbucks etc. anymore for your tea, and you also can brew your own energy drinks. Being able to control your energy drink like this is a splendid thing: aside from the cost benefits, you know exactly what you’re putting into these drinks.

Once you have your bottle, all you need is a few pinches of tea, enough strength to shake the bottle, and then ten minutes of patience (or distraction) while the tea brews.

All the bottle needs is an occasional trip to the top rack of a dishwasher.

$12.95 launches the love affair, http://theteaspot.com/cold-brew-tea-bottle.html.

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