The Skinny on Tea

I say the following without intentionally sounding like an infomercial. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and weight loss tips, and nothing has been as easy as this: I’ve been drinking tea on the regular for about five weeks, and now, I weigh less. I have noticed a few things since drinking tea daily. Besides my desire to drink tea outside of the office and the late nights when I’m over caffeinated, that irritating little needle on the scale has been slightly lowering… consistently.

As a young woman of the 21st century, I’ve grown up with society’s expectations and admirations of “skinny bitches.” To say the least, there have been many meals, snacks and drinks I regretted, for fear they would set me further away from what I “wanted” to be. However, once I leveled with myself and admitted that one indulgence of delicious food and beverages would not actually make me gain 10 pounds, life became less worrisome. It’s that whole moderation thing.

What I’ve noticed since beginning my practice of moderation, about six months and counting, is that up until this past month, I had only been maintaining weight. The one thing that has changed in the last month (no, not an increased activity level… I promise, December will be better!), is my consumption of tea.

In college when I was willing to do outrageous diets to lose before an event, I had come across a tea diet, but never tried it. Well, now I think I’m following it by accident. And by accident, I’ve lost 5 or 7 pounds. I don’t know exactly. I’m not obsessing.

My tea routine is ever-changing. I drink a cup of either Oolong or Black tea when I get to work. Then, I resteep those leaves and enjoy another cup of the same. Depending on my energy levels, I’ll have green tea or an herbal blend with lunch. I don’t usually have a fourth cup. — However, when I have an exceptional amount of work to do, I might drink 4 or 5 cups of Yerba Mate throughout the day to give me that buzz of concentration. You know what I mean, and if you don’t, try Yerba Mate and you’ll thank me.–

So, ironically, at the same time that I’ve escaped the constant need to fit any sort of mold (other than my own realistic, complimentary to what I’ve “got” mold), the less I care, the less I weigh.

I’ve made a short story long, but the point is that I have become a true believer of tea aiding in weight loss. This easy change in behavior has been enjoyable and mostly hydrating… just get the tea to water ratios correct and you’re golden.

Unintentionally matching my discovery, The Tea Spot created the tin set “Secret of the Skinny” and at a perfect time of year. Not only will it offer equally flavorful substitutions for some of the caloric winter beverages, but the tea will also increase metabolism and overall health.

Winter weather and celebrations need not be an excuse to add a layer of fat for warmth. (Those evolutionary tendencies became unnecessary when technology cut back on required physical labor.) Warm up with a cuppa tea and you won’t be making as many New Year’s Resolutions to lose.

Lose with loose leaf, it’s been working for me.

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