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We're spotlighting Breast Cancer Awareness month this week with a think pink campaign to remind our fellow sisters about breast health. We can support early detection through annual mammograms and regular self-exams, along with preventative healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising daily, eating dark leafy greens, and drinking tea! As part of our 10% FOR WELLNESS pledge, The Tea Spot donates 10% of all profits in-kind to cancer survivors and community wellness programs.
  • Cancer Hates Tea
    Cancer Hates Tea Book
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  • Meditative Mind, Organic
    meditative mind tea
    $3.00 - $34.50
  • Pink Rose Lemonade
    Steeped Rose chamomile tea
    $4.00 - $34.50
  • Flat Belly Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic
    Flat Bely Hibiscus Sachet
    $4.00 - $39.95
  • Rosebuds & Petals Tea
    Rosebuds and Petals Tea Loose Leaf
    $4.00 - $33.00
  • Mamahood, Organic
    Organic Mamahood Tea Bag
    $5.00 - $29.95
  • Venus Rising, Organic
    Organic Herbal Period Tea Bags
    $5.00 - $65.99
  • Women's Wisdom, Organic
    Women's Menopause Tea Sachet Steeped
    $5.00 - $85.99
  • Flat Belly Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic Iced Tea Pouches
    Hibiscus Iced Tea Brewed
    $4.50 - $33.95