A Year of Giving! Our Top 2018 Donations

A Year of Giving! Our Top 2018 Donations

The year of 2018, brought a number of changes to The Tea Spot. From moving to new headquarter locations to investing in new systems and expanding our team, it’s been quite the year of positive growth and development.

Being a Certified B organization means we believe in not only sustainable, purpose-driven business practices, but also in contributing to a better world through charitable donations and programs. As part of our company mission to foster health & wellness through whole leaf tea, we donate 10% of all sales-in-kind each year to cancer survivors and wellness programs across the nation. Our yearly goal is to spread the donation items among a number of nonprofits and events that align with our mission to increase the impact of our contributions as much as possible.

We are also doing things a bit differently this year by sharing our top charitable contributions of 2018 and highlighting the mission of these particular philanthropic organizations. We’re extremely proud of our continued growth this year because it means that we can donate more back to our community and be an active part of the change that’s needed in the world today.


Top Picks For 2018

Avera McKennan Foundation– $4,794 Donations-in-kind

Avera is a health ministry with a mission to create a positive impact on the lives and health of individuals. A large part of their focus has been aimed at the expansion of the Avera Cancer Institute which introduced the Avera Center for Precision Oncology in 2014 to provide the latest technology and innovation to their patients in Sioux Falls, SD. We support their vision to provide their patients with the most precise and personalized genomic-approach to cancer care, in addition to creating a place of compassion and hope. Our donations included 600 Steep & Go cold brew tea filters and 600 Chill Out tea packets.

Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society– $1,458 Donations-in-kind

The Sue DiNapoli Ovarian Cancer Society’s (SDOCS) mission is to support gynecologic cancer patients in need throughout Southern Colorado through the Sue’s Gift Financial Assistance Program, funded by local businesses and individual donors, as well as to educate the community about ovarian cancer symptoms and risk factors through various charitable events. We worked closely with SDOCS for their 9th Annual Be Ovary Aware 5k Run 3K Walk and provided over 900 cold infusion Chill Out tea Packets and 50 Steep & Go cold brew tea filters to spread the word on the disease-preventative benefits of tea.

Running Start (Skirt Sports)- $1,193 Donations-in-kind

Skirt Sports is one of our oldest partners that we co-donate with for Running Start, a non-profit organization with a mission to provide beginner runners the confidence, courage and community support they need to change their lives through running. Running Start is a women’s Beginner-Mentor running program that aims to help break down the barriers preventing women from achieving their optimal emotional and physical state of health and wellbeing. As part of our mission to fuel healthier lifestyles, we are thrilled to be involved with such an empowering organization and donated over 50 Cold Brew bottles and 150 cold brew tea sachets to the cause!

Shaw Cancer Center– $277 Donations-in-kind

Shaw Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer and provides holistic, high-quality care to patients. Located in the scenic mountains of Edwards, CO, Shaw was specifically designed to provide a soothing and nurturing environment for patients during their healing journey and as part of our 10% For Wellness, we couldn’t be happier to assist in supporting their mission by providing them with 12 sets of Steeping Cups, a Meditative Mind tin, and Bolder Breakfast tin.

 A Year of Giving! Our Top 2018 Donations

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