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Floral Teas – Delicate, Fragrant, Restorative

“Each one is adorned with freshly dried flowers to soothe the senses in aroma, in flavor, and visually. You’ll take one sip, and slip into bliss.”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, you can now give the tea lovers in your life gorgeous flowers, that taste great! Our Floral Teas include blends with jasmine, lavender, hibiscus, rosebuds, roses, and chamomile. Here are four of our floral favorites to truly enjoy the natural aromatherapy — spanning green, black, white, and herbal tea blends.
Magnolia Scented Green Tea

Sweet Magnolia Green

This is a delicate, early spring green tea, naturally scented with beautiful white magnolia flowers. It is made from the same cultivar that’s grown for Silver Needles white tea. Cultivated in a craggy, coastal region of China, famous for its fine white teas. The terroir imparts an array of flavors from sea breeze to floral. Perfect for cold brew.



Lady Lavender

Lavender has a most distinct, fresh aroma that’s associated with creating a relaxed state. This soothing floral adds luxurious flavor to a classic bergamot-scented Earl Grey, creating a fragrant and satisfying, well-rounded cup of black tea.



Meditative Mind

One of our first signature blends, Meditative Mind remains a favorite white tea at The Tea Spot. It’s the quintessential afternoon stress-buster. The calming aromas of rose and jasmine are perfectly balanced against a fresh white peony tea base.



Pink Rose Lemonade

Distinctively fragrant with a sweet, minty apple-like scent, and a mild, satisfying taste, Pink Rose Lemonade is an ideal choice for a caffeine-free after dinner tisane. Whole chamomile flowers and lemongrass give this tea a fresh flavor and roses add depth, creating the delightful aroma of a fancy floral confection.


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