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Collection: COLD BREWING

Cold brewing tea could not be easier. With innovative designs, you can now cold brew tea in a Cold Brew Bottle within minutes. Any way you make it, you'll get fresh cold brewed tea, full of natural antioxidants, without the sugars and preservatives in bottled iced teas. Explore some of our favorites below. Download our free e-book DIY Cold Brew Tea Lifestyle Guide for more info on cold brewing tea + recipes, or read our blog post about How to Brew Sun Tea with the Craft Cold Brew Filter

  • Craft Cold Brew Filter
    cold brew tea filter
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  • Craft Cold Brew Kit
    classic cold brew tea kit
    $39.95 - $43.95
  • Classic Iced Teas: Cold Brew Sampler
    cold brew tea sampler
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  • Mocktail Kit
    a box reading mocktail kit cold brew sampler is open with six pouches of loose leaf tea in it
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  • Cold Brew Sport Bottle
    Cold Brew Tea Bottle Infuser
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  • 8 Immortals Oolong
    award-winning dancong oolong tea loose leaf tea and teabag steeped in a tea cup
    $5.00 - $66.95
  • Blood Orange Smoothie
    tea bags sit in front of an orange bag that reads blood orange smoothie tea
    $4.00 - $57.00
  • Boulder Blues
    Boulder Blues tea bag Steeped in a tea cup with loose leaf tea leaves surrounding
    $4.00 - $37.95
  • Ceylon Orange Pekoe
    Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea loose leaf black tea sits on a white surface
    $4.00 - $29.95
  • Clouds & Mist, Organic
    a bag reading Clouds and Mist uplifting yet grounding daily immune support behind tea bags and tea leaves and a tea cup
    $4.00 - $45.95
  • Dragonwell, Spring Organic
    Organic Spring Dragonwell Sachet Steeped
    $4.50 - $53.95
  • Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic
    hibiscus cucumber herbal tea
    $4.00 - $41.95
  • Hibiscus Cucumber, Organic Iced Tea Pouches
    Hibiscus Iced Tea Brewed
    $4.50 - $35.95
  • Iron Goddess Oolong, Organic
    Organic Iron Goddess Oolong Loose Leaf Tea
    $5.00 - $53.00
  • Japanese Orchid Sencha
    Japanese Orchid Sencha Sachet Steeped
    $5.00 - $64.00
  • Jasmine Petals, Organic
    Jasmine Petals Sachet Steeped
    $5.00 - $68.95
  • Jasmine Silver Needle, Organic
    Organic Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Loose Leaf
    $6.50 - $77.95
  • Keep Fit, Organic
    Green Tea Lemongrass Tea Bags
    $4.00 - $51.00
  • Mango Tango
    Mango Tango Loose Leaf Tea
    $4.00 - $39.75
  • Matcha, Japanese Culinary Grade
    Matcha, Japanese Culinary Grade
    $29.95 - $89.95
  • Matcha, Japanese Ceremonial Grade-A
    Ceremonial Grade-A Matcha: Stone-ground Japanese Green Tea Powder
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  • Matcha, Organic
    Organic Matcha Tea green tea powder in a circle on a white background
    $24.95 - $89.95
  • Meditative Mind, Organic
    meditative mind tea bags sitting on a pile of loose leaf tea in front of a pink bag reading meditative mind
    $5.00 - $47.95
  • Monkey-Picked White, Organic
    Monkey-Picked White, Organic
    $4.00 - $43.95
  • Sencha Tea, Organic
    Sencha Sachet Steeped
    $4.50 - $64.95
  • Venus Rising, Organic
    Organic Herbal Period Tea Bags
    $5.00 - $69.99
  • Yunnan Sun Dried Black
    yunnan black tea
    $5.00 - $63.50

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